Ryu Ookami - King Of Hamsters

Aussteller auf der DoKomi

Ryu Ookami - King Of Hamsters

Greetings everyone, it's me: Ryu Ookami! Self-proclaimed King of Hamsters, Twitch Streamer and Freelance Senior Digital Artist. And I welcome you to my little kingdom full of creative wonders, cute and wholesome hamsters, and - last but not least - a small dose of pure chaos!

Besides cute little hamster-stickers and comics I sell in my booth, I also show my creative work through streams and organize creative artist events (like ToHuWaBoHu and Alakazam!) on various platforms like YouTube and Twitch. I help fellow artists, fans and streamers to connect, develop and nurture their passion for digital art, character designs and storytelling.

Feel free to visit our cute little hamster Embassy! And maybe you have the chance to become a unique hamster yourself!

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