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Gezeit & Vanillasauce

Gezeit & Vanillasauce

Heya everybody!

Gezeit and Vanillasauce here, two austrian artists who have finally found their way to a german convention at last! (Only took as a year...) ;D

Gezeit has a lot of boyslove merchandise for you, including prints, stickers, ACEO cards and more! Vanilla totes around a chaotic mix of different things, trying to balance out the gay... (and not succeeding very well since she kinda contributes to it too... but whatever!)
We also have some joint projects we'd like to share, especially a Zine that includes a short comic <3 Of course we also offer sketch commissions on site (and Con Hons if you don't have one yet :3) and we'd be happy to draw an original for you while at Dokomi ^0^

In any case, we'd love for you to come and say hi and have a chat with us <3
If you want to see more of our work, here is where you can find us!



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