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Milky Muscles Café

Milky Muscles Café

Fowatty: If you like Osomatsu-san, make sure to come by! I've got notepads, notebooks, stickers, charms and much more!
Of course I also offer on-the-spot-commissions!
If you're interested in my art and an upcoming merch catalogue: fowatty.wixsite.com/home

Melina Kuczka: Heyho! My name is Melina and I'm an Illustration-Student in Münster. I do both, digital and traditional art. Most of the times quite colorful, sometimes...not so much.
At my booth you'll find mostly original art but also some fanart of stuff I'm currently obsessed with. You can get prints, calendars, stickers, tote bags or if you want something more personal get a ConHon-entry!

If you'd like to see more of my art here is my (kind of new and therefore quite empty) instagram account: instagram.com/melinakuczka

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