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My name is Kimberly. But my artist-name is Kimmicomics.
I am from the Netherlands and I graduated at the Arts Academics in Comic Design.

From there I started to upload a free online comic called "SunD&D"
You can read it for free at webtoons.


A bunch of friends meet every Sunday to play D&D. And in the comic, you read the adventures of their characters!

Also, I am one of the artist of the Manga "Oyasumi"
A bundle of tree small horror stories. My part is about a young woman that will go to extreme lengths for her true love. Go check some previews at:


I will be selling copies of the manga 'Oyasumi'
If you want to be sure of a copy ( With Signature! ) you can pre order them at Kimmicomics@live.nl

Furthermore I will be selling exclusive art of SunD&D and other projects!
See you soon at Dokomi's!

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