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Hi, Misa here!
Back at Dokomi again!
I'm an artist from Hong Kong who currently lives in Germany.
I really love to draw 2D boys with bowl cuts and dead fish eyes.
My art is very much inspired by modern graphic art, Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings and traditional
Japanese and Chinese patterns and fashion.

You can look forward to beautiful prints, adorable acrylic keychains, stickers, buttons and a lot more.
I cover fandoms like Haikyuu, Free!!, BNHA, Touken Ranbu and Beastars!

If my art style intrigues you, please come by and say hi!

I can’t wait too meet you all!
But remember to stay save and wear your mask!

Lot’s of love,

INSTAGRAM: Mamehoshi
TWITTER: Mamehoshi_088
BEHANCE: Melissa Ho-Yung Yau

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