Become a staff member

Do you want to be a part of the DoKomi family?

The heart of every con are the numerous volunteers who make the event possible in the first place. They help the visitors to find their way around, support the emergency services and the security staff and ensure that the planned program can run smoothly.

We are happy about every helping hand that would like to support the DoKomi. In return, we provide subsidised accommodation and food on site. There will also be breaks where you can enjoy the convention during your work day. The more helpers there are, the more pleasantly the shifts can be distributed. Of course, we will also take your wishes regarding the place of work into consideration as far as possible!

The minimum age for a helper is 18 years, but please bear in mind that the job as a helper is also very strenuous. Reliability and the ability to work under pressure are absolute basic requirements, because we also want you to have fun participating in DoKomi.

You have the chance to look behind the scenes at a major event and be part of a very special project. You can meet many interesting people and take away exciting memories from the weekend. We can tell you from experience that the con experience as a helper is even more intense than that of a visitor.

If you have any questions, please contact our organisation team Jenny, Claas, Justin and Manuel!

We are looking forward to seeing you! :D