Cosplay Gatherings at the DoKomi

Dance "Specialist" (from P4D) & Persona & SMT Series

Hallo everyone, hier is Personas & SMT Cosplay Gatherings at Dokomi by BF.project

if u are the fan of those games : Persona 3/ Persona 4/ Persona 5/ Shin Megamin Tensei( also like P4 Ultimax / P4 Dance / P5 Strikers / P5 Tactica) , well come to this Gatherings

Main Project of this gathering is to Make a Dance video "specialist" from P4D. If u familier with this Dance, i also welcome u to join this Project.

I will also bring one Single-lens reflex camera for the photos (Nikon D3200) and GoPro 9 / Handy for Videos

If u dont want make dancevideos with us , i can after1 hour use my camera to shots Photos

Communication From: Discord : / E-mail: hisaspirate@qq,com

Hinweis: This is a fan meeting organized by visitors of the DoKomi.

Where does the gathering take place?

On Sunday at 14:00 o`clock

NordPark circular fountain
Nordpark is the Park front the Messe Düsseldorf Entrance South

(If the weather bad than we meet at South Entrance)

Events in the building can only be attended with a valid ticket. Get your ticket for DoKomi now.

What is the schedule of the gathering?

We'll wait about 10 minutes at the meeting point for any latecomers. In the meantime can of course already be talked to each other and get to know each other.

As soon as the Dance video finished, i can make photos for all Persona Cosplayers. You can still enjoy each other's company. and contacts are exchanged.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail.