What is Cosplay?

Explaination of the phenomen

You have never been at a DoKomi and ask yourself, what are those guys talkin about? What is cosplay supposed to mean?

Cosplay is an abbrevation for "costume play" and a hobby, which lots of anime and manga fans share. You dress up as your favourite character from an anime, manga, a movie, a series or you simply create your own character (OC) to implement as a cosplay. There are really no boundaries to the creativity of what's possible in cosplay.

Important is mainly the love for details and the personal connection to a character. Whether it's for a professional fotoshoot or to cosplay together with friends in a whole group at a convention, simple and comfortable or impressive and elaborate - there are so many ways to do it! As long as it leads to fun, great memories or even awesome pictures everything goes!

Many create their cosplays by themselves in hours of hard work and dedication, some participate in contests, others buy them online. To get yourself the perfect cosplay, there are many ways nowadays. But one thing combines all: to get a really good cosplay, we are dedicated to put in a lot of effort in which way however!

But after arriving at the convention and meeting our friends or receiving astonishing pictures from the last shooting, we know it was all worth it!

We have just one request to all our beloved cosplayers out there: When you're at a convention (or anywhere else :3), please drink enough, eat enough and take care of yourselves! Conventions and sootings are exhausting and we want you to have fun!

You are new are curios now? Come to DoKomi and join the fun, just try it out.