J-Music @ DoKomi

Our musical guests of honor

Since 2012 we invite artists from Japan every year. The musical variety of Japan is famous worldwide and has led to countless astonishing and popular artists and performance groups. Anisong singers, bands, Djs, Vocaloid producers, odottemita dancers, the list could go on forever.

We try to keep variety in our program and focus on cool artists, that we can support and our visitors wish for. Trough these invites you have the unique chance to party at concerts or get autographs from artists, that otherwise would never have reached Germany or even Europe. That way we bring again a piece of exclusive Japan to DoKomi!

In the past the following artists performed at DoKomi:

Wo will be joining DoKomi in 2017? We will let you know when we may announce our first guests.

Did you know?

You can particiapte in the decision process of who we invite trough our crowdfunding campaign! We also are always open for suggestions and guest wishes from you. Please send them to us by email.