Mangaka & Doujinshika

Illustrators of your Dreams

Mangaka shouldn't be missed on any japan convention. They create a lot of our most beloved series and they are the most requested guests by far.

Doujinshika create so called Doujinshi. DoKomi stands for "Doitsu Komiketto" hence we are happy to finally bring japanese Doujinshika to our convention.

This is made possible through our collaboration with the infamous Comiket. We worked towards this for a long period of time and would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in this opportunity.

Mangaka / Illustrator

Meet the actionmangaka with cultstatus

Did you know?

You can particiapte in the decision process of who we invite trough our crowdfunding campaign! We also are always open for suggestions and guest wishes from you. Please send them to us by email. :D