Doujinshika / Illustrator


Utsura Uraraka is one of the best known Doujinshi Circles in Japan and they participate regularly in the Comiket. This year, they will participate in DoKomi as part of our official collaboration of DoKomi and Comiket!

The Circle is represented by Eretto-san, a well-known illustrator and artist.

Through this action, we are looking forward to support the European-Japanese exchange, as well as to bring the Japanese Fan scene to Germany actively.

further information

Name Plattform
Utsura Uraraka Webseite
Eretto Pixiv
Eretto Twitter

where and when?

You guys can meet the Doujinshikas at the "Japanese Douninshi Area". Together with the Comiket they will present there their works and can offer autograph and answer your questions.