The versatile talented singer

Eri Sasaki

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Eri Sasaki is a versatile, young singer, which started to play piano and violin in her young childhood.
After her graduation in psychology, Eri focused on her music career. She came to know in 2015 through her first Single Ring of Fortune, the opening song of Plastic Memories.
One year later she was live on stage at Animelo Summer, the biggest Animesong music festival in Japan.

Currently Eri Sasaki is very popular in Japan and released her first Album "Period" in 2017. This January she released her newest Song "Fuyu Biyori", which is also the official ending of he Anime "Yuru Camp".

Aside from the music her heart is beating for dogs and psychology.

Now this ambitious Artist will come to the Dokomi 2018!


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Where and when?

You can look forward to two great concerts! Eri Sasaki not only will move you with her voice but will also accompany some songs with her violin!

Further infos will follow