2 Cuties from Spain


Matching to our new partnership mit International Cosplay League und Japan weekend Madrid, two special spanish cosplayers will also join DoKomi 2017!

In a short time, Geheichou has built up a huge international fan community with his cuteness and suitable cosplays. Kinda like a small cosplay shooting star and Spain's cosplay flagship - at the tender age of 19! He has already been engaged by gaming companies as an official cosplayer and has been traveling in France and China as a cosplay guest. DoKomi will be his Germany-Premiere.

He is accompanied by his regular cosplay partner Ayu, who often cosplays and takes photoshootings together with him. Not only have the two already won several cosplay contests, but also Ayu was recruited by Bandai und Disney in Spain as an official Ladybug cosplayer.

We hope to bring spanish und german cosplay scenes closer and to connect each other. So use this oppotunity, get to know them and exchange with them about anything!

further information

Name Plattform
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Ayuru Facebook
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where and when?

Gehe and Ayu will do Panels, as well as Contests Judgings and have their own booth. Photo sessions will be organized for you too. The time will be announced soon.