Industry Guests

An exclusive look behind the scenes!

Industry Guests like producers, character designers, creators etc. are able to give you special insights within popular anime, manga, music or fashion franchises.

Their panels can be enlightening for fans of their designs and products, as well as a rich source for deep discussions within fandoms. They also function as a meeting point for specific fandoms and topics. For DoKomi 2017 we have the chance to expand or program portfolio in this sector.

In the past, the following industry guests were already present at DoKomi:

Wo will be joining DoKomi in 2018? We will let you know when we may announce our first guests. :)

Did you know?

You can particiapte in the decision process of who we invite trough our crowdfunding campaign! We also are always open for suggestions and guest wishes from you. Please send them to us by email. :D