Megumi Nakajima the star of Japanese musical firmament

Megumi Nakajima

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Megumi Nakajima is a popular singer and voice actress, not just in Japan but international
She started her career in 2007, when she was appointed as best singer in "Victor Vocal & Voice Audition”. She additionaly had great success with synchronizing the Lead Character Ranka Lee in the Japanese Anime Macross Frontier!

Currently Megumi Nakajima still is a famous singer in japan and published several albums. Moreover, her voice does make many Anime Openings and Endings unique.

Fun Fact: Her hobbies include her record collection and watching professional wrestling!

After a break of several years she is now celebrating her great Comeback and visits Europe 2018 for the first time just to be at the Dokomi.


Stay tuned and visit Megumi!


Where und When?

Look forward to a magnificent concert from this Solo-Artist, who will shake the audience and the stage for sure. Furthermore, you can meet her at Meet&Greet!

Further Informations will follow shortly