The Kidz from Harajuku


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pop, fantastic, colorful and a bit crazy!

The TEMPURA KIDZ are japanese new generation dance vocal group, composed of the former backdancers of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (four girls and a boy).

Before their debut, their music video "Cider Cider" became extreme famous in the Videoportal and in March 2013 they had their first performance with the song "ONE STEP". Because of their extraordinary individual character, they were selected for many TV and company advertisements and have appeared many times in television.

They collaborate with well-known personalities from various genres in Japan and also abroad, such as HIPHOP legend "Rum-DMC" and genius producer of PC MUSIC "A.G. Cook". So far, they had more than 20 performances in 8 countries and 11 cities (Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, France).

If you want to enjoy colorful costum, funny kidz and fancy music, don't miss their performance on Saturday!


name sex birthday
Yu-Ka (YU-KA) female 14. November 1998
Karin (KARIN) female 2. September 1998
Pi-chan (P→★?) male 30. August 1999
NaNaHo female 25. May 1998
Ao (AO) female 2. January 1999

Where und when?

Details about time and place of their performance and autograph will be announced soon.