Get to know new people!

Meet-THE-people is an anonymous message exchange that our visitors may use to get in contact with other people. Leave other people a message even if you are too shy to talk to the person directly. Or leave a nice compliment to brighten up someone's day!

The system itself is quite easy: Every participant gets a number written on a colourful sign which needs to be attached at a visible place. If you want to write a message, keep the person's number in mind and write the message. Leave it at our information desk, where it will be stored and given out whenever the person with this number asks for messages left.

This way you can talk to people even if you are too shy at first. Getting to know people this way is really easy and a lot of fun! Try it out!

The Colours

There are three different colours. You can choose one or two of them, so the other people can easily see what you're looking for:

  • Blue - Looking for friends or simple small talk. Nothing special. Also perfekt for people who just want to try it!
  • Green - Looking for a partner: Those are looking for a relationship. Maybe a little flirting to check out who's nice at the con.
  • Yellow - Looking for a partner (same sex): There are always people who are looking for a special someone of their own gender.