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SuperKip is a Dutch hobby artist with a passion for superhero comics and cheesy-bad horror movies. She is a food technologist and an amateur, self-taught artist who enjoys drawing comics and cartoons.

Since 2010 SuperKip has been exhibiting at anime cons and comic cons. First starting drawing manga in a doujinshi group and later going solo in 2013. She has exhibited events in several European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Zwitseland.

At this time SuperKip is working on a couple of large projects: a superhero parody comic featuring a hero dressed as a chicken, titled SuperKip, and a horror themed art project titled Monster Mania.

SuperKip has several zines and books that will be available at comic con Germany:
- Monster Mania Sketchbook: a collection of horror themed black and white ink sketches.
- SuperKip - Jokes and Antics: a preview booklet of the SuperKip comic, featuring short comic gags, character biographies and illustrations.
- Jazzcat: a boy's love, romance comic without any text drawn for Inktober 2017.
- Träumen im Sonnenlicht: an anthology manga containing German translated short stories.

Besides the books SuperKip will also bring lots of merchandise and prints. She will do on site comissions as well, either drawing you as a chicken or your favourite monster.

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