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Sedeto and Arqo

Sedeto and Arqo

Sedeto is graphic designer and illustrator since more than 10 years. In love with japanese pop culture, she loves to create flashy and colorful illustrations from her favourite anime shows. She's also Vtuber since three years - mostly drawing and singing live. She provides watercolor commissions during the event! Please enjoy her prints, risoprints, goodies, doujinshi and more~

Arqo is a digital illustrator whose main specialty is video game fanart (gacha games, RPGs and anime fighters), as well as vtubers, with illustration ranging from cute and heartwarming to darker themes. He offers prints and commissions in digital format!

Together, they also created a collaborative Vtuber illustration book with their favourite Hololive and Nijisanji Vtubers, and they're working on a whole new opus for Dokomi 2024!

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