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Cantabillu - Natachouille & Kureeru

Cantabillu - Natachouille & Kureeru

Cantabillu is a french group of artists wanting to help each others and to find inspiring art.
Natachouille is an a freelance Illustrator, Comic Artist & Graphic Designer and Kureeru draws on her free time.
Natachouille loves bringing stories to life under the tip of her inking tools. In 2015, she started to self-publishing adventure with the comic MyIchiGo! a black & white tale without text. Then in 2020, SpookyGirls was launched! As a fan of Demons & Angels, she wanted to tackle a story about the anxieties she has experienced as a teenager but also today as an adult, through the prism of a Fantasy Webtoon.
Kureeru loves anime and video games. These medias are a great source of inspiration for her. She particularly enjoys colourful drawings and cheerful characters.

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