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Newtise & Brushbug Collective

Newtise & Brushbug Collective

Newtise (@newtise_ on instagram),part time artist and full time creature. Drawing both fanart and original. I love doodling pretty girls (with animal ears) and funky stuff. Feel free to visit our booth so we can yell about our current fixations (If you cant find me im probably sleeping under the table ;D)

the brushbug collective consists of two artists:
ari (@brushbug on instagram), who is a huge nerd for JRPGs, passionate Salmon Runner and self-proclaimed maker of cursed objects. You can find mostly games centric fandom merch and handmade resin goods here.
luna (@helpfulbug on tumblr), occasional artist & scarily efficient salesperson. Maker of playlists & lover of trinkets of any kind. Please talk to me about cheesy 80s horror<3

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