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Chisa & Sedeto

Chisa & Sedeto

Sedeto has been a graphic designer for manga companies and an illustrator for more than 10 years. In love with japanese pop culture, she loves to create flashy and colorful illustrations from her favourite anime shows. Vtuber since 2021, - mostly drawing and singing live -, she created a collaborative Vtuber illustration book with Arqo with their favourite Hololive and Nijisanji Vtubers. She also created some adult doujinshi.
She can also make watercolor commissions during the event!

Chisa is an artist from Switzerland who loves everything soft and cozy. She enjoys creating bright and atmospheric works that can convey lots of love for the series she is passionate about, such as Idolish7, Persona and Arknights !

Please enjoy their prints, risoprints, keychains, doujinshis and many more goodies on their booth together.
You can also find them here:

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