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minamanamu + poly-m

minamanamu + poly-m

Hello there, traveler!
We are poly-m, a very tired comic artist, and minamanamu, who thinks pixel art and embroidery are basically the same thing.

About poly-m:
You like urban fantasy stories about magical paperwork and monster hunting? Then this is the opportunity to check out Occult Officers and chat with the author herself!
Started as webcomic in 2019, Occult Officers tells the story of Emil and Hadrien, two officers of the International Occult Affairs Department. Their life seems to be a predictable combination of creature chasing and filing reports, when they are suddenly tasked to bring in a runaway vampire - and discover a bigger case behind his contamination...
poly-m offers physical copies of her comic and a lot of charming merchandise all around her two lovable protagonists (and the dog). Please come and check out her selection!
U ´꓃ ` U

About minamanamu:
minamanamu is a university student and freshly-baked professional pixel artist and animator with a passion for video games.
She is both well versed in digital as well as traditional work and has worked hard to bring you a variety of very purchasable artworks – not just to love but also to wear: delicately hand embroidered merch of Genshin Impact and Elden Ring, fantasy screen prints, and Elden Ring themed handmade prints using acid etching and aqua tinta.
Traditional is nice, but you like your pixels extra sharp? minamanamu loves to translate her favorite characters into tiny squares. You will find full sets of pixel art Genshin trading cards, prints of Bocchi the Rock and accessories!
Intrigued? Then please give her a visit!
₍ᐢ ̥ ̞ ̥ᐢ₎ ♥

We’d love to meet you! See you soon! d(⸝。⸝◉⸝ω⸝◉⸝。⸝)b

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