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Eliot & Viv

Eliot & Viv

Products available at Eliot's & Viv's booth:
✦ Heart of Gold Act I - comic book
✦ To Have and To Hold & Agape - TTRPG-inspired artbooks featuring character art, comic strips & prose
✦ Naufrage - artbook featuring illustrations of shipwrecks
✦ Titel - compilation of sketches & illustrations
✦ Sefirot - Tarot deck, artbook & prints of tarot cards
✦ Prints, postcards & bookmarks of various illustrations
✦ Enamel pins & washi tapes

Eliot Baum and Viv Tanner are an artist duo located in Austria and working freelance as illustrators & comic artists.
Eliot’s been focusing on 2D/Sequential/Illustrative Art since 2017. They've been doing illustrations, comics and concept art for clients such as Titmouse, simon & Schuster and Polygon. Viv Tanner is passionate about illustrating characters in atmospheric settings for magazines, comics, books and more. They’ve been working for clients like Chronicle Books, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and BOOM! Studios.
Together they're working on long-form projects such as their comic Heart of Gold and other works.

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