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I-I like fish... d-do you like fish?

Hi, I'm a hobby artists, known as "dfishboy", who likes to draw their OCs! I usually do traditional art but recently I try to experiment a bit with the digital medium (〃∀〃)ゞ.
Dokomi will be my first ever experience as an artist having a booth... so I'm really nervous but excited!

If you ever have any suggestions or some inspiration to share with me, I'm super grateful to hear them. Currently I'm super interested in fashion... and different hairstyles... and accessoires... and much more hehe ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

Feel free to stop by and have a chat with a shy fish ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

Oh you want to check out my art?
Feel free to stalk me on my Instagram page @dfishboy (ᇴ‿ฺᇴ)

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