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Soundless Wind

Soundless Wind

Professional illustrator specializing in detailed and dreamy, anime-styled artworks.

We are very excited to announce that industry pro illustrator Hollee (@holleebunny) of Soundless Wind Studios will be making her first trip to Germany by attending DoKomi 2023!

Join us in welcoming her to DoKomi and don't miss out on the chance to meet Hollee and check out her amazing artwork.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Erstmals in Deutschland!

Profi-Illustratorin Hollee von Soundless Wind Studios nimmt an der DoKomi 2023 teil.

Lasst uns gemeinsam Hollee auf der DoKomi willkommen heißen und verpasst nicht die Gelegenheit, ihre bezaubernden Kunstwerke zu bestaunen:3

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