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Tombow Pen & Pencil GmbH

Tombow Pen & Pencil GmbH

Tombow Pen & Pencil GmbH is the European sales headquarters of the Japanese family firm Tombow, that manufactures high-quality and reliable drawing instruments and therefore supports creative people in their work. Ever since it was founded by pencil manufacturer Harunosuke Ogawa more than 100 years ago, the company has been and remains in family hands.
The name of the sub-brand "MONO" has its origin in the Greek word "monos", which means "unique". MONO was first used for the MONO 100 pencils, still part of our portfolio. All Tombow products combine highest quality in function, Japanese innovation and unique design.
At our booth you will find all products that can support you in drawing mangas or comics - from markers, pencils, fineliners to erasers. Come check it out.

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