Kurotoshiro Project 黒と白

The exclusive art project.

The Kurotoshiro Project 黒 と 白 is back! Join and visit us at the DoKomi 2019.

Kurotoshiro is an art project which was exclusively founded for the DoKomi with a main focus on cyberpunk, scifi, adult anime and manga. Our team consists of professional models, designers and artists who have been anime and manga fans since childhood. Immerse yourself in the world of cyber and scifi anime within our 14 square meter interactive 3D photo backgrounds. You can use the three photo points in the scenery like the tactical station, bio-scan interface and weapon storage. Epic soundtracks and fitting lighting effects create just the right mood. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be photographed with the Kurotoshiro models again.

At the DoKomi 2019 things are getting hot. The main theme of the project this time will be adult anime. Visit us and let yourself be surprised. We look forward to seeing you!