Retro Wave Arcade

Nostalgic atmosphere!


Welcome to DoKomi's retroarcade!

In the Retro Wave Arcade, you can relive your childhood memories on lovingly designed arcade machines. In addition to classic arcade games and console titles from the 80s and 90s, we also have PC highlights from past years in our repertoire! From well-known classics like Megaman and Super Mario World to the latest insider tips like Bloodstained, you'll find everything a gamer's heart desires. Whether it's an all-time favourite or an unknown insider tip: you're guaranteed to find your favourite title in our huge catalogue from 40 years of video game history.

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Special: Adventure Island


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the con and come with us to Adventure Island! Equipped with headphones and a keyboard, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the gems of the classic point&click adventure games in peace with voice output. Led by evergreens such as the "Monkey Island" series, as well as new titles of the genre such as "Thimbleweed Park ", you can set off on a journey of adventure.


Selected favourites of the team and special highlights can be seen again this year on our big screen. Here we will show you live the gems of various genres and introduce you to the funniest and most obscure games in our panel.