Mahousyoujo Ni Naritai

music group

Are you ready for the next musical star from the land of the rising sun?

Mahousyoujoninaritai is the name of the latest export hit from Japan!

The trio, consisting of the frontwoman Kazi Baziru (vocals), Gari (vocals/screams) and Ui Viton (guitar), aims to take the hearts of fans worldwide by storm with its wild mix of metal, punk and EDM!

In their homeland, the band has long been celebrated as heroes due to their lightning-fast rise. Not only did they win a prestigious competition for emerging artists just four months after their inception in 2014, they also performed that same year at the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL, one of the country's premier events for rock music.

In 2015, they were recruited to write a song for Shiritsu Ebisu Chugakou, one of Japan's most in-demand idol groups. A deal with SONY MUSIC finally followed in 2016 and at the turn of the year 2019/2020 they performed at Japan's most important New Year's event.

They also contributed the theme song to the popular Japanese anime "Pazudora". Songs from "Ojamajo Doremi" or "One Piece" can also be found in their repertoire.

So, RPG fans, anime fans, mangakas, otaku and of course everyone else who likes really crazy music and entertaining live shows - here comes THE band for you! A concert that shouldn't be missed!

LIVE at DoKomi 2023!