Weapons rules

Rules for cosplay weapons

  • Cutting and stabbing weapons have to be blunted. (WaffVwV §1.9 , WaffG §42a(3.) => Sportgerät)
  • The one who carries sharp or pointed weapons risks a complain. (WaffG §42)
  • Appearance weapons are firearms, replicas of firearms and firearms wich are rendered unusable, which convey the impression of firearms and which are not use hot gases to drive missiles. (Anlage 1 Abschnitt 1 unterabschnitt 1 Nr. 1.6 zum WaffG)
  • Appearance weapons are allowed for photo and film shootings and stage performances. (WaffG §42a(2)1.)
  • Appearance weapons have to be in a sealed container while being transported. (WaffG §42a(2)2.) Sealed container = protected from sight and unnoticed access of third-party like e.g. a locked case, suitcase or backpack (carefully tied up).
  • Objects which are prohibited by law (WaffG), are not allowed on our grounds (e.g. laser visor, red-dots, bolt-on torches, throwing stars or nun-chakus in every form and version, indipended from material and funktion) I.e. everything that looks like a prohibited weapon is prohibited by law. A full list of such objects can be found on the internet.
  • Sportweapons which are able to fire missiles like paintball guns, compressed air guns, bows with arrows and crossbows are prohibited.
  • Huge and bulky cosplay asseccorys (e.g. weapons, wings etc) are not allowed inside the building for safety reasons. Those objects can be hand in at the 'Waffencheck'. Excepted are objects which are needed for immined stage performances.
  • The one who carries weapons, appearance weapons, sport weapons or the like does this on one's own risk.
  • Exhibition fights are prohibited, because imitators with unfitting equippment could hurt themselves.