Meet Project HOPE at DoKomi


IRyS, a half-demon, half-angel also known as a Nephilim, once brought hope to "The Paradise" during the ancient age. This current era, riddled with despair and desperation, has brought upon her second awakening. She has arrived to deliver hope, with her feelings put into her lyrics and songs and determination in her voice.

Though she tends to retain her Nephilim form she is still quite young within her race. With emotion and "other factors" it is possible that her form may lean to the either side. When that occurs, she bears a brief change in her appearance.

She does not speak of the events that preceded her second awakening. She faces ever forward, perhaps, because she is Hope Incarnate, though no one knows for sure. Or could it be… "The future is not what helps people; the future is made with our own hands. Salvation is hypocrisy. If people know they are to be saved, they simply will not try. From the depths of despair: a glimmer of light, the warmth of recovery. As long as we are with hope, we live. We stand tall."

What will IRyS do at DoKomi?

We are happy to welcome IRyS with a special concert at DoKomi sunday! The first ever at an European convention! This will be visible on our livestream at DokomiTV! Additionally it will be possible to meet her in an exclusive and limited Meet-&-Greet digitally.

Social Media

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