DoKomi-Liga Pokémon Tournament

Become a Pokemon-Trainer for a weekend

What better place to celebrate the Pokémon franchise than at one of Germany's biggest anime conventions? For this reason, DoKomi and the Grugapark Poké-Liga are once again combining forces to bring you: The DoKomi League Pokémon Tournament!


To qualify for our tournament, you will compete against the four champion trainers of the DoKomi League on Saturday. After that you can fight against each other in a duel. The best Pokémon trainers* will then have the opportunity to prove their skills in the finals on Sunday on the Community Stage.

On-site registration begins on Saturday, June 4, at 10 a.m. at the DoKomi League booth in the gaming area. There you have until 15 o'clock time to face our challenge.

After that the preliminary rounds in Swiss System will start. Depending on the number of participants, the duration and amount of preliminary rounds will vary. At the moment we plan until 17 o'clock.

Swiss System means that depending on the outcome of the match, different points will be distributed to winners and losers. The matches of the next round are then based on the points ratio of the participants to each other. The result of a round is always brought to the organization by the winner.

On Sunday, June 5, the final will take place at the DoKomi Community Stage starting at 12 pm. We ask all competitors of the final fights to report to our booth by 11 am.

What you need for your participation

To participate in this tournament you need the following:

  • A device of the Nintendo Switch family (So also Switch Lite, these can only get no feature matches).
  • An eighth generation game, Pokémon Sword or Shield.
  • DLCs are not required as you can use the new Pokémon without them.
  • A power bank is best to ensure power supply.
  • Failure of the Switch will result in your own defeat in battle.
  • You must have completed the registration form.
  • On-the-spot registration is possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

The best comes at the end: The rules!

The game will be played according to the classic Grugapark Poké-Liga rules. Follow the link below to read the whole rulebook. Here are the most important features:

  • A fixed team of 6 Pokémon will be registered for the whole event.
  • The format of the battles is the single battle!
  • Three Pokémon are selected from the six team Pokémon and sent into battle.
  • Only legendary / mythical Pokémon are prohibited.
  • All other Pokémon available in the game are allowed.
  • Only Pokémon with the Cheat Protection icons in the report are allowed: Galar (League symbol) or the Battle Rule symbol.
  • For all further information, please read here on your own responsibility:
  • Failure to comply with the rules may result in defeat or even disqualification.

And how do I register?

For registration we use a Google form. Please enter your data in the document below. If you are unable to attend, please send us an email to:

Click here to register