DoKomi Festival

At the DoKomi Matsuri, you can put your skills and fighting spirit to the test. Compete against your friends in numerous mini-games, just like at a Japanese street festival.

Among other things, you can expect:

Kingyo Sukui (金魚すくい) Kingyo Sukui is about getting a fish out of the water with a net made of rice paper. The challenge is to be fast enough before the net breaks, but also not to destroy it in the rush. But don't worry; unlike in Japan, we don't catch real fish at DoKomi, but small replicas made of silicone. An alternative to catching fish is superball sukui. The aim is to catch a group of special flummis among hundreds of others.

Shateki (射的) Shateki means shooting practice and challenges. Similar to a German carnival, you shoot points with the help of a nerfgun.

Senbonhiki (千本引き) It's not just a little bit of luck that's required for the Senbonhiki. Here you have to pull one of several ribbons in a large knot. You win what is at the other end of the ribbon.

The better you do in the games, the more points you can earn, which can be exchanged for lots of great prizes.

Brain freeze guaranteed!

Should your outstanding performance, the hustle and bustle at the convention or simply the good weather tire you out, you can cool down with a delicious Kakigōri. Kakigōri is a Japanese form of water ice, which consists of finely grated snow which is doused with a fruity syrup. However, don't let down your guard! If you are too greedy with your food, you are sure to suffer the insidious brain freeze.

When you've had your fill of ice cream and games, you can continue to find amusement in a variety of small booths such as the Japanese Cultural Institute.