Twitch meet & greet area

Our space for streamer

As part of our gaming festival at DoKomi, we are setting up a Twitch Meet & Greet-Area, which is exclusively available to Twitch partners and streaming channels that suits to our Community.

The otaku, cosplay and drawing scene is very present on Twitch! Because of that we decided to continue supporting the streaming scene at DoKomi!

You can use our event for your community actions, meet & greets and present yourself to over 100,000 visitors! After the first year when the area was exclusively available to Twitch partners, starting 2020 we are also giving Twitch streamers outside the partner program the opportunity to enter our program. :)

Participation and application for this area is free - similar to the cosplay tables, only a valid Ticket is required for the day of participation.

Twitch partners are approved out of respect for their achievement and as part of our cooperation with Twicht, a few more advantages.