DoKomi Matinee 2022

If one word applies to our community, it is creativity!

Dear lords and gracious ladies,

we of the Cosplayadel are pleased to invite you once again to our quite splendid ballroom. In the XY Hall we will indulge in the pleasure of company, art, culture, dance and the magic of literature during the dreamy time. So come in numbers and attend this unique spectacle!


your Cosplayadel


Live Action Roleplay is guaranteed to be a familiar term to some. Most people think of knights fighting epic battles with swords or survivors of the end of the world defending themselves against zombies with weapons.

While you won't find action-packed battles here, we do offer you the opportunity to build your social skills and immerse yourself in the dazzling world of "cosplay nobility." Take on a variety of challenges individually or in groups and help our NPCs achieve fame and glory!

Mask Contest

Have your dancing legs already fallen asleep? Dancing is possible without a partner! If you also finally want to dance again, want to discover something new or are simply curious, come along and swing the dance leg, so that it becomes awake again! To rhythmic sounds we will look at simple basic steps.

No dance skills are necessary. Let us just have fun.

Danceworkshop, Make-Up

Cosplay is unimaginable without make-up! In the endless expanses of this art, each of us has already tried it out a bit. In this workshop, we will teach you some basics and show you tips and tricks on how to transform yourself with paint, brushes, glue, sponges and all that colorful glittery stuff!

Poetry Slam

Every word has a soul, and only you have the power to give the words wings and take a little trip on their wings to different worlds.

At our Poetry Slam 6 slammers will perform their art in 7 minutes each. They are just waiting for you to inspire the audience with their texts. You are the jury and decide which performance you liked best. So come along!

After an exciting day we will announce and honor the winners of our Poetry Slam. Be there and cheer with us!


From fan fiction to RPG to novels, from fantasy to crime to romance, there is something for everyone. A program with selected authors offers you an insight into the world of literature. So come by and let yourself be carried away into another world! Our authors are available for a meet and greet after their readings.


What can not be excluded? Of course! Our photographers and the enchanting rose arch! Come by and let our photographers give you a souvenir! You will not only find your pictures at, but for the first time you can have your souvenir printed out directly.

To make your experience even more unforgettable, we have prepared a fantastic selfie photo station.

Songs and music

The finest tones and melodic sounds - a wonderful art form that cannot be missed at the matinee. Various show acts are looking forward to enchanting you with live music. Close your eyes, enjoy small concerts and experience goosebumps feeling together.