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General facts
1. Dokomi 2009
Number of visitors 2009 1800+
Number of visitors 2017 40.000+
Number of visitors 2019 55.000+
Number of visitors 2022 75.000+
Number of visitors 2023 155.000+
Lucky Chocolate Maid Café 40 Maids
Sweet Spice Host Club 40 Host
Company AkibaDreams GmbH
Organizers Andreas Degen, Benjamin Schulte

DoKomi 2023
Date 30 June.-02. July 2023
15th DoKomi
Motto Galaxy
Location Messe Süd, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Halls 5 + Congress Center South
Floor Size 130.000 qm
Commercial Exhibitors 250+
Fan-Booths 1000+
Volunteers 650



DoKomi Logo
DoKomi Logo
DoKomi Logo
DoKomi Logo inverted
Lucky Chocolate Maid Café Logo
Lucky Chocolate Maid Café Logo
Mascot - Tomoko
Mascot - Tomoko
Mascot - Maxi
Mascot - Maxi