Speedruns @ DoKomi

Gamer against the stopwatch!

2017 we had ventured a first attempt and set up a speedrunning area for the first time in Germany at an expo. The response was very positive and we will repeat this in 2018: better, bigger and of course faster!

Speedrunning is about playing video games as fast as possible. Here, the player needs a high level of skill, very good knowledge of the game and sometimes months or years of training to achieve new bests. These bests are often in areas that you wouldn‘t think you can play through the game at all so quick. In addition, it is always very exciting to see how a Speedrunner brings himself and the game to its limits.

And that's exactly what you can watch on the DoKomi. For the duration of the expo we will present you a full program of Speedruns. The program will also be streamed live on Twitch, so that you can watch it not only at our booth, but anywhere on and off the expo.

But you not only have the chance to look over the shoulder of a selection of German-speaking Speedrunners, you can also become active yourself. We will also provide a coaching zone where you can learn about speed running and get some trick or two - or even have the opportunity to learn a few simple speed runs directly.