Anime Music Videos

AnimeMusicVideo (AMV for short) is the term used to describe anime video clips that have been edited together with music.

These fan-made videos are often edited to fit the rhythm or mood of the music particularly well. Creating a good AMV requires a lot of work and dedication. All the steps such as the planning/concept phase, scene selection, operation of the video editing software and, if necessary, final fine-tuning can take a lot of time.

The results cover a huge spectrum: from rather trailer-like plot summaries to complete plot twists or even the meeting of characters from completely different anime universes. In some cases, the video quality can even be raised to a whole new level through massive post-production.

At DoKomi 2024, you can expect numerous program topics and over 700 hand-picked AMVs full of hard-hitting action, terrific comedy and heartrending romance. In addition, the award ceremony for the AMV contest has also been taking place here since 2022.

On the website you will find general information as well as the complete AMV list. This helps you to find specific AMVs or discover completely new ones.


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