The J-Electro Pop Disco

Do you wish for an exclusive event that'll make your visit at DoKomi unforgettable? Do you want to party like there's no tomorrow at a convention?

Then our evening program is the right choice for you! A mixture of club atmosphere and the finest of Japanese electronic sounds is awaiting you! You can find all of this at our J-Rave!

Our DJs will provide you with a wide spectrum of Japanese club music (including but not limited to, Electropop, House, Electro and Happy Hardcore). Let our balanced mix enrich your night!

Last years big guests e.g. Hachioji-P, DJ SHARPNEL, kors k, BIGHEAD, Moe Shop, TAKU INOUE, Yasutaka Nakata, Ram Rider and our German DJ KnuX and DJ BrainShit deejayed for you. Stay tuned for the announcements of the DJs for the next Dokomi!

Admission + cloakroom

Admission to the J-Rave is through the north entrance. To queue for the J-Rave, please leave DoKomi via the north exit and queue again in the foyer area of the north entrance.

Please note that until the end of the J-Rave only the cloakroom in the north area will be open. So if you bring things to the cloakroom in advance, remember to hand them in at the cloakroom in the north area.

If you are at least 18 years old, we recommend picking up an age wristband in advance at one of the issuing stations in Hall 3 or Hall 4. This saves you unnecessary waiting times at the entrance.


Please keep in mind, that two separate tickets are needed for the J-Rave and for the Cosplay Ball. The rave and the cosplay ball take place at the same time due to the amount of visitors in the previous years. You cannot enter DoKomi with a J-Rave ticket. For visiting DoKomi you need a seperate DoKomi ticket.