Anime Music Video Contest

Inspiring and catchy!

Fitting videoclips for cool anime-music! That is an Anime Music Video (short: AMV). This year we will again arrange an AMV-contest at DoKomi. So snatch your video editing tools and go!

At the AMV-contest it is all about creating the best music video. Important is that the music is adapted to the video and a good timing. The best videos will be presentet at the DoKomi.

What are AMVs?

AMV means Anime-Music-Video. Videoclips cut together with a fitting song, like the music clips known from chart songs. Often used are clips and scenes from animes or japanese video games. They should fit together with the song and perhaps even tell a little story which also fits to the song.

If you search for inspiration or did not understand what an AMV is then search for the term 'AMV' at a video page of your choice.

With which tools can I create an AMV?

First you need anime video clips an your comouter. You can cut, link and align them with the music using video editing software. But of cause it is not as easy as it sounds! ; )

Here you find a list of video editing software


Deadline for submission is the 30st of April 2017! Please read our participation rules first! [times will be updated]. The winners will be announced at DoKomi on the 4th of June 2017.

If you have any questions about this contest, contact Annika by mail.

For 2017, you can choose one of these following themes:

  • Sport

    Check out, Sports Fans! Convince us of your favourite sport with your best AMV!

  • Ecchi

    We don't have to explane what that mean right?
    Attention: At the closing event, we can not show any videos which show the naked breastes or a naked intimate area - unless these are provided with funny censorship. Of course uncensored videos can but still win.

  • Slice of Life

    Our german everyday life bores us! Fascinate us with the exciting japanese life!

Participation rules

The submitted AMV must fullfill the following criteria:

  • The video must be younger than one year.
  • The majority should be anime video clips.
  • The total lenght complete with intro and outro must be longer than 1:30 minutes and not longer than 5:30 minutes.
  • Pornografic, racialistic and extremist content is forbidden.
  • The following containers are allowed: AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MKV
  • The resolution should be at least be 640x480 pixels.
  • Allowed video compressions are: DivX, Xvid, WMV, H254 and MPEG 2
  • Allowed audio compressions are: PCM, MP3, WMA, AAC and AC3
  • Deadline for submission is the 1st of March 2016!!

Winners 2015

Category: Fantasy

  1. Place: Phillip Kahlow

  2. Place: Alexander Reichert

  3. Place: Selina Schmitz

Category: Drama

  1. Place: Laura Pawlak

  2. Place: Melanie Graf

  3. Place: Samira Abdelkadous

Category: Fanservice

  1. Place: Sarah Kleinkonradt

  2. Place: Tobias Thiel

  3. Place: Daniel Friese

Winners 2014

Category: Epic

  1. Place: Tatina Klotz

  2. Place: Sandra Schaper

  3. Place: Somaly Ernst

Category: Romance

  1. Place: Sarah Kleinkonradt

  2. Place: Michelle Kodura

  3. Place: Keun-Jin Lee

Category: Action

  1. Place: Philipp Gilgen

  2. Place: Max Horvat

  3. Place: Julia Ulm