AMV Contest

Inspiring and catchy Anime Music Videos

Anime video clips with cool music! These are anime music videos (AMV for short).

Creating an AMV is about re-cutting different scenes from anime and adding effects. You can create a completely new plot, tell the story of a certain character or express certain feelings, there are no limits to your creativity. However, it is always especially important to pay attention to coordinated music and good timing.

As in the past years, the AMV contest of DoKomi will take place again in 2023. So get your video editing tools and let's go!


The theme of the 2023 AMV competition is "GALAXY". Create a galactic AMV about space, starry sky, science fiction, planets or whatever else you associate with the term "GALAXY".

Participation period: January 7 - April 30, 2023

Create a captivating AMV fitting the theme and use the participation form to enter your AMV in the competition. The best five videos will be presented at Dokomi and rewarded with great prizes. Winners will also be published on our website.

(the application is in German. Please use a translation service to understand the questions. You can fill out your answers in English)

Please note the new rules and the general and AMV-specific questions in the FAQ!! If you don't find what you are looking for there, the AMV-Area Team will be happy to help you.

Winners 2022

Topic: Food

Take a look at the winner AMVs!

Platz 1

Editor: Saika
Music: Royal Republic - Addictive
Anime: Shokugeki no Souma (+ others)

Platz 2

AMV: Watermelon Sugar
Editor: Michelle M.
Music: Koosen, Green Bull & Fets - Watermelon Sugar
Anime: --- Various ---

Platz 3

AMV: Sabers Food Passion
Editor: Vitium
Music: S3LR ft. Kayliana - You Are Mine
Anime: Today's Menu for the Emiya Family, Fate/stay night, Carnival Phantasm

Platz 4

AMV: Shokugeki
Editor: Filip J.
Music: Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien
Anime: Shokugeki no Souma

Winners 2021

Topic: Warrior

  1. Platz: Darlene H.

  2. Platz: Stefanie S.

  3. Platz: Michelle M.

  4. Platz: Laila D.

  5. Platz: Lara S.

Winners 2020

Topic: Friendship

  1. Platz: Stefanie Schmidt

  2. Platz: Marco Mühlen

  3. Platz: Filip Junic

  4. Platz: Nhi Tran

  5. Platz: Karolin Traulsen

Winners 2019

Topic: '90s songs

  1. Place: Stefanie Schmidt

  2. Place: Darlene Henneberg

  3. Place: Carina Fenn

  4. Place: Anna-Maria Pöttker

  5. Place: Michelle Brinkhoff

Winners 2018

Category: Party

  1. Place: Melanie Graf

  2. Place: Darlene Henneberg

  3. Place: Christian Stupp

Category: Food

  1. Place: Anna-Maria Pöttker

  2. Place: Zoe Harder

  3. Place: Ari Hasriadi Syam

Category: Gaming

  1. Place: Maren Aderhold

  2. Place: Max Horvat

  3. Place: Laila Dzogovik

Winners 2017

Category: Ecchi

  1. Place: Max Horvat

  2. Place: Michaela Aereboe

  3. Place: Deborah Schlipphack

Category: Sport

  1. Place: Sarah Kleinkonradt

  2. Place: Filip Juric

  3. Place: Melanie Graf

Category: Slice of life

  1. Place: Natalie Laaser

  2. Place: Felicitas Meyer

  3. Place: Piyush Katore

Winners 2016

Category: Robot Action!

  1. Place: Sarah Kleinkonradt

  2. Place: Sophie Stolp

  3. Place: Mohamed El Bouhali

Category: Summer Holidays

  1. Place: Selina Schmitz

  2. Place: Vincenzo Badalamenti

  3. Place: Sabrina Kariouh

Category: Funny Animal Sidekicks

  1. Place: Samira Abdelkadous

  2. Place: Melanie Graf

  3. Place: Laila Dzogovic

Winners 2015

Category: Fantasy

  1. Place: Phillip Kahlow

  2. Place: Alexander Reichert

  3. Place: Selina Schmitz

Category: Drama

  1. Place: Laura Pawlak

  2. Place: Melanie Graf

  3. Place: Samira Abdelkadous

Category: Fanservice

  1. Place: Sarah Kleinkonradt

  2. Place: Tobias Thiel

  3. Place: Daniel Friese

Winners 2014

Category: Epic

  1. Place: Tatina Klotz

  2. Place: Sandra Schaper

  3. Place: Somaly Ernst

Category: Romance

  1. Place: Sarah Kleinkonradt

  2. Place: Michelle Kodura

  3. Place: Keun-Jin Lee

Category: Action

  1. Place: Philipp Gilgen

  2. Place: Max Horvat

  3. Place: Julia Ulm

What are AMVs?

AMV means Anime Music Video. Videoclips cut together with a fitting song, like the music clips known from chart songs. Often used are clips and scenes from animes or video games. They should fit together with the song and perhaps even tell a little story which also fits to the song.

If you search for inspiration or did not understand what an AMV is then search for the term 'AMV' at a video page of your choice.

With which tools can I create an AMV?

First you need anime video clips an your computer. You can cut, link and align them with the music using video editing softwares. But of course it is not as easy as it sounds! ;)

Here you find a list of video editing softwares.