Mirai no Karaoke

For more than 10 years PJ and his team KOE have been providing karaoke rooms for numerous conventions. Whether you like to sing in German, Englisch, Japanese or Korean, Team KOE's Karaoke is for all of you!

Whether alone or with friends, show us your great voice as you blast the scales up and down to your favorite songs. Keep the audience entertained! Here is the fun factor at the top!

Team KOE

Team KOE is an association of Japan enthusiasts and music lovers who has made it their mission to offer authentic Japanese karaoke on European Japan-focused conventions.

Our name which is derived from the Japanese word for voice says it all. Team KOE offers an extensive music and video catalog that gives karaoke fans the opportunity to sing their favourite songs. We also give newcomers an easy start into the trendy world of sing-along. We do not count points, we focus on fun.

We are a ragtag group of people coming from a variety of different fan scenes like cosplay, gaming, fansubbing and other cultural sectors, brought together by our common passion for singing.

Based on our many years of experience we not only offer karaoke by itself but furthermore various side events like competitions, workshops or technical collaborations with other show groups and artists.

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