DoKomi Gaming festival

Gaming @ DoKomi

What would a Japan-Convention be without games?

Japan is the Mecca for every serious gaming Fan. Therefore, it is no coincidence, that Nintendo, Sony, Square Enix, Bandai Namco or Capcom significantly molded the Gaming history; Back then as well as today.

At DoKomi you have the great opportunity to play current games at publisher booths or reminisc in childhood memories at the Retro-Arcade. In Tournaments, you can compete with other gamers and show what you got!

As you showed us trough our crowdfunding system, that more gaming content is very important for you at DoKomi, we are planning a massive expansion of the Gaming area for 2018.

Thus we present you: The DoKomi Gaming Festival!

With this new awesome area we will not only ring the bells for the DoKomi one day earlier then before but also establish a special framework for a new entertainment program on the convention and beyond!

  • At our official LAN-Party we deliver you 3 days of intensive Gaming Experience; From Friday 4 PM until Monday 12 PM. Play your favorite games with your friends / Clans on a grand scale. We are able to expand the LAN Party up to 2000 seats if needed! :D

  • In our E-Sport Area we present you two big tournaments for he blockbuster titles “League of Legends” & “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”. Follow our qualifiers on Twitch and experience the best teams battling each other Live on stage at DoKomi.

  • As a counterpart to our Artist Alley & the Fan Area we will feature an Indie Area, in which small, private and independent developer can present their creations. Here applies too: From the community for the community !

  • In our “Speedrunning Corner” you can watch experienced speedrunners playing well known games live in record time and learn their tips and tricks in the workshop area, where you can try the speedruns for yourself. The Speedrunners will be streaming live and support the charity-project.

  • Additionally to the E-Sports and LAN Tournaments there will be a Tournament Area with various smaller titles where you have the opportunity to compete with others. Which Games that will be and who is able to take part will be published shortly :)

  • Exhibitors from the Gaming branch and Partner of the gaming Festival will be present on site for you. Who that will be will be published shortly!

Times and Dates

During DoKomi the Gaming hall will be accessible for every visitor. The LAN Area exclusively is accessible for participants only.

The Quarter- and Semifinal as well as the final will be hold on the gaming stage as part of DoKomi. The gaming festival will further be accessible outside the opening hours of DoKomi.

That will be:

  • Friday 4 PM – 11 PM
  • Saturday 8:30 PM – 12 AM
  • Sunday 6 PM – 11 PM

Please note, that during that time the CS:GO Tournament will be hold on the gaming stage and only Visitors above the age of 18 can be admitted.