NEW at the DoKomi Dance Area!

Solo Dance Contest

You want to present your dance skills at DoKomi 2022 and win great prizes at the same time?

No matter if it's Odottemita, JPop, Yosakoi or KPop! Create a great performance and impress them all!

We are happy to offer you a solo contest, besides the big Dance Off Contest on the Blackstage! Finally a contest for all the solo dancers out there!


Upload your dance video to Instagram using the hashtag #Dokomisolocontest_2024. Tag us (@dance.atdokomi) and send us your post via a DM. We will answer/like all messages as confirmation of the application.

Deadline: 13.04.2024


  • You must be alone in the video.
  • Your profile must be public, otherwise we can't see the video
  • You need a ticket for the Dokomi Sunday 2024.
  • We try to keep the dance styles of the contest as balanced as in the Dance Area in general.
  • Songs: Anything from the genres Odottemita, JPop, Yosakoi or KPop can be used. Remixes and mashups are allowed, as well as cover dances or your own choreos.
  • Judging criteria: Dance technique, charisma/expression

Additional important information:

  • The jury will select the TOP25 in advance, who will then compete on Sunday.
  • The TOP25 finalists will be informed by DM in the middle/end of April.
  • The TOP25 will prepare a performance with a maximum length of 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Dance covers and own choreos are allowed. Be creative and make the 90 seconds as entertaining as possible.
  • Judging criteria (Solo Dance Contest): Dance technique, charisma/expression, creativity (use of the stage, dynamic music selection, audience involvement, outfit).
  • The jury will be announced together with the TOP25.


  • you have to wear shoes during the performance

  • making the podium dirty (with glitter, confetti, small parts, water, etc) is prohibited.

  • throwing objects from the podium is not allowed.

  • staff and other participants are to be treated with respect. Violations may lead to disqualification.

  • the organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition without giving a reason.

You still have questions? Just send us an email to or an Instgram DM to dance.atdokomi :)

Dance Style Examples


Monday's Melancholy (Penta)

Vampire (Melochin)

Gimme x Gimme (Selina)


Asobase (Waseda University)


Yosakoi at DoKomi 2021 (Yume)



Dance the night away (TWICE)

Permission to Dance (BTS)

and many more!