Explore a variety of manga, anime, figures, cosplay accessories, fashion, games, traveling to Japan, music and much more!

Welcome to hall 1: Bigger, brighter, finer

Once you have walked through our main entrance, you will enter the modern hall 1:

On about 12,000 sqm a wide shopping experience around the topics of anime, Japan and more is awaiting you!

Meet the heroes of the German publishers, grab some exclusive collectibles or fill in the gaps in your merchandise collection!

Become an exhibitor

We offer our exhibitors a wide-ranging platform with over 75,000 visitors on site, to create direct contact with fans and to present their latest releases and products!

Our team will gladly work together with you on your concept in advance and actively support your campaigns and activities both personally and online.

If you want to become an exhibitor at DoKomi 2023, send us an email to aussteller@dokomi.de.

Exhibitor registration

The exhibitor registration for DoKomi 2023 begins on the 5th of November 2022.

Open registration website

For further questions and ideas, our exhibitor team is ready to help you: aussteller@dokomi.de.