3D Photo Booths

Indoor Photoshootings

At DoKomi all kind of cosplay photography is always encouraged. That's why we established a few indoor photography locations for all of you cosplayers out there. The locations are designed to different topics.

Theme 1: Japanese classroom

Take pictures alone or with your friends within the 3D scenery of a Japanese classroom. Complete with a blackboard, desks and chairs. If you are dressed in a school uniform, this is your natural habitat.

Theme 2: Comfortable room

In this cozy ambience you can take elegant or chilled photos. Be it in a noble Cosplayball dress or a fluffy Kigurumi, let your imagination run wild for great photos!

Theme 3: Colourful ball pit

Probably the most popular installment since DoKomi 2016 is the lively ball pit! The name says it all: 75.000 colourfull balls await you to jump inside and let the inner child go wild. It's perfect for playfull photos, as well as a round of unspoiled fun.

Somethimes it's difficult to say who is having more fun with this attraction… Visitors or our Con staff?