Photobooths @ DoKomi

Indoor Photography Installments

At DoKomi all kind of cosplay photography is always encouraged. That's why we established a few indoor fotography locations for all you cosplayers out there.

The locations are designed to different topics. At this page you will see what kinds of topics we planned for next DoKomi.

Theme 1: 3D-Photography booth: Japanese classroom

Take pictures alone or with your friends within the 3D scenery of a japanese classroom. Complete with blakboard, desks and chairs. Use your imagination for great photos!

If you are dressed in a school uniform, this is your natural habitat.

Theme 2: 3D-Photographie booth: Maid-café

We arranged our maid-café additional as a 3D scenery! As our maids have to work in their café our mascotts in maid- and host-outfits will keep your company.

Suitable for everyone, who wold like to be the guest of our mascotts - at least on the photo.

Theme 3: 3D-Photography booth: The infamous ball pit

Probably the most popular installment since DoKomi 2016, the lively ball pit. The name says it all. 75.000 colourfull balls await you to jump inside and let the inner child go wild. It's perfect for playfull fotos, as well as a round of unspoiled fun. :3

Somethimes it's difficult to say who is having more fun with this attraction… Visitors or Con staff?

This installment has been realised togeher with our partner Connichi! It will be expanded continously!

And more photo booths

Kurotoshiro (黒と白) presents a new, exclusive DoKomi 3D photo point in cyber-anime style.