Please note our rules for participation.

General questions

Can I participate if I do not live in Germany?


Can I make more than one entry?

Yes, with one exception: for the AMV contest, only one entry can be submitted.

Do I have take part in the award ceremony at DoKomi?

If you do not collect your prize, we will send it to you by post. That's why we also need your address. If you are on site but unable to attend the award ceremony, you can contact us in advance with your ID and a representative who will collect the prize for you.

What happens to my prize if I'm not there to receive it?

We will send you your prizes via post package. Therefore we need your adress.

Is there a participation fee?

No! Of course not!

Is there an age limit?

No. Everybody from 0 to 999 years can participate.

When will the winners be announced?

At the award ceremony of DoKomi. (And after DoKomi on this website.)

Who decide who wins?

A jury put together by the organiser of the respective area, which is familiar with the topic.

Can you use my alias instead of my real name?

No, we're sorry!

Can I publish my work before the winners are announced?

Yes, you are also welcome to write that it is taking part in our competition.

Please note: Does not apply to the AMV competition. Only your own AMVs that have not been published before the award ceremony may take part. The DoKomi logo must be placed in the intro, outro, credits or in a suitable place in the middle to make the assignment to the competition clear. Submission of third-party material will result in permanent exclusion from all DoKomi competitions.

Will I keep the rights of my work after submission?

Of course. DoKomi reserves only the right to use the submitted work for its own purposes. For example, the winners will be displayed on the homepage. DoKomi does not use your works for commercial purposes.

Drawing Contest

Can the picture contain a self-designed character?

Yes, as long as at least one of our mascots appears additionally in the picture.

How big must / can the picture be?

There is no limit, but it will be nice, if we can see everything clearly. It should not be pixelated, but we also don't need to be able to zoom in on a molecular level.

Do I have to use digital tools?

No, you can draw in any way you like. Pencil, charcoal, chalk, oil, etc. Everything is allowed. Just be careful to scan or photograph your picture as clearly as possible. An attractive presentation would be nice.

Can I draw my picture live?

Yes. However, only in advance and not live on stage.

Which tools can I use?

All tools that are usual for drawing. Pencil, charcoal, chalk, oil, etc. Everything is allowed.

Can I do a live drawing?

Yes of course. But only as a video not "live" on stage.

Can the picture be uncolored / black and white?


Can the picture be scanned?

Yes, but please be careful to scan your image as clearly as possible. An attractive presentation would be nice.

AMV Contest

How long can/must the AMV be?

The absolute minimum is 60 seconds of pure AMV - without credits/intro/outro. Such a short AMV is only okay if it is necessary due to the music or the editing or the structure of the AMV. It will impact the rating negatively if it’s cut off unfittingly or if it’s unfinished.

Note: Most AMVs have a running time of about 2 to 4 minutes.

Can I use music tracks unchanged?

Yes, the most common approach is to create an AMV to a complete song. If it fits to the structure of the AMV (e.g. complete style change or in case of a MEP) you can of course switch between different songs. However, abrupt/incongruous cuts will have a negative impact on the rating.

Can I use more than one anime?

Of course, if they fit the AMV. At best, the anime(s) should be listed in the credits (see below). It is important that anime/manga are used first and foremost. Sequences from computer/video games, cartoons or similar may only be used marginally.

Can the AMV contain motionless images?

Yes, but they often detract from the overall impression. Therefore, they should only be used sensibly.

Am I only allowed to use Japanese music?

No, the music can be chosen freely. In any case, the AMV must "work" together with the music for a good rating.

Does the song content necessarily have to match the AMV?

No, not necessarily. But if, in addition to the rhythm/flair of the song, connections can be made between the lyrics and the video, this can have a positive effect on the rating.

Are credits needed?

Yes, that would be desirable. If these are fully integrated - usually at the end - we will also evaluate this positively!

The following would make sense:

  • Editor name (usually nick/artist name)
  • Song title and artist (possibly also intro and/or outro)
  • Anime series, films, etc. used. The titles should ideally be given in the same language and no abbreviations should be used.
  • If available: Dedication, contributors

What else do I need to pay attention to?

The video/encoding quality itself will be included in the assessment. If possible, the resolution should not be reduced below that of the source material and the bandwidth should not be turned down so low that this results in visible additional artefact formation ("pixelation"). We will of course also take into account the age and thus the given quality of the anime(s) used.
Subtitles/watermarks/TV logos will be deducted, with the exception of specially incorporated elements that are useful for the AMV. For example, (TV) logos could be used in a comedy AMV to give a scene a new meaning.
Please also think of a title for your AMV and name the file accordingly. In the past, it has often happened that the title was either cryptic or simply the theme of the contest and there was no indication of a title in the AMV itself. This is particularly unfavourable for the presentation at DoKomi, as the title of the AMV is also mentioned here, and in case of doubt all winning AMVs could be called the same. The DoKomi logo should be placed in the intro/outro/credits or in a suitable place in the middle.

Doujinshi Contest

How long should the Doujinshi be?

Four pages. No more and no less.

Does the Doujinshi have to be colored?

No. The Doujinshi also can be manga-typical black and white.

How many panels must / should a page have?

As many as you think.

Which characters should appear in the Doujinshi?

Either self-created characters, real people or our mascots. Please no anime or manga characters (because of the copyright!).

Which topic should the Doujinshi have?

It should give a clear DoKomi reference, as the winner will be printed in the program booklet.

Which Genre should the Doujinshi have / not have?

All genres are allowed, that can easily be printed in the program booklet. So please do not use pornographic, glorifying violence or even unconstitutional content.

How big must / can the Doujinshi be (keyword resolution)?

There is no limit, but it is enough if we can see everything well. It should not be pixelated, but we also do not need to be able to zoom in on the molecular level. The program booklet has a DIN A5 format.

Do I have to draw "digital"?

No, you can also draw classically on paper and you do not have to forcibly blow outlines or similar things. Pens and co. are also acceptable.

Can I draw my Doujinshi live?

Yes. However, only in advance and not on our stage.

Can the Doujinshi be scanned?

Yes, but please be careful to scan your Doujinshi as clear as possible.

Can the Doujinshi be in English?