Drawing Contest

For our creative talents

The Drawing Contest is one of the most popular contests at DoKomi. Talented artists can take this chance to prove and improve their skills. The winners will receive valuable and high-quality prizes from our sponsors.

The theme for the drawing contest 2023 is fitting the theme of DoKomi 2023 "GALAXY". Use one or more of our mascots under this theme. The interpretation is completely free for your imagination.

We look forward to your participation and wish you lots of fun!


(the application is in German. Please use a translation service to understand the questions. You can fill out your answers in English)

Participation period: January 7 - April 30, 2023


The winners will be announced on the Black Stage and exhibited during DoKomi. Winners will also be announced on our website and social media.

For questions about this contest, please have a look at our FAQ. Or the contest team will be glad to help you by E-Mail.


The prizes include high quality sponsoring packages from our partners!

Winners 2023

1st place: Lilian H. (M4ymask)

2nd place: Michael J.

3rd place: Victoria R.

4th place: Nathalie D.

5th place: Alaa K. (Alustrations)

Winners 2022

Platz 1: Kieu-Anh N. (Kiwi)

Platz 2: Emily P. (Emytsuu)

Platz 3: Daniela F. (xarem)

Platz 4: Evelyn E. (Evelyn)

Platz 5: Theresa R. (Chyrow)

Winners 2021

Platz 1: May H.

Platz 2: Anna-Christina W.

Platz 3: Jessica E.

Platz 3: Lisa H.

Platz 4: Ray S.

Platz 5: Ho Chi-Hieu T.

Winners 2020

1st place:
Mayumi S.

2nd place:
Jessica E.

3rd place:
Dikra K.

4th place:
Lydia H.

5th place:
May H.

The winners of 2019

First place:
Noemi Wladarz

Second place:
Laura Henkes

Third place:
Mayumi Saotome-Schweiger

Fourth place:
Kieu-Anh Nguyen

Fifth place:
Jens Fiedler

Winners of the past years