Sweet Spice Host Club

Welcome to the host club at DoKomi

The Sweet Spice Host Club of DoKomi invites you to be entertained and charmed by our handsome boys again. Here you'll find a host for every taste.

The host club offers you delicious dishes and tasty snacks, features selfmade cocktails and soft drinks. Your order will then be served directly by one of the gorgeous Bishounen. Their wish is to make your stay most pleaseantly.

Of course entertainment is part of the package: Our boys will melt you away and treat you like a real princess (or prince) for the time of your visit and make you have a great time!

Meanwhile the team consists of over 40 hosts, each one a unique piece. Whether cool, sweet or spicy or sweet, certainly someone for every preference!

Convince yourself and enjoy a unique atmosphere in the first German Host Club at DoKomi!