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Cosplay Gatherings

We connect you at DoKomi!

We are welcoming more than thousands of cosplayers every year to DoKomi. Each and everyone of them knows the awesome feeling when you meet other cosplayers or fans from the same fandom.

But in times of countless social media plattforms it has become difficult to organise fandom based meet ups at conventions, which are meant for everyone to join and attend.

We want to change that and offer you a platform to organise cosplay gatherings at DoKomi!

On this site you will be able to install public cosplay- and fan-gatherings, which can be used to organise fandom events at the convention.

We hope to make your convention experience even more awesome with this little task and make it easier for you to meet new friends and other fans who share your interests. Who knows, maybe you will meet your next cosplay partner that way? :3

Cosplay Gatherings at DoKomi

Here's a list of cosplay gatherings already organized by fans at DoKomi 2021.

Tokyo GhoulSamstag16:00 Uhr
Winx ClubSamstag13:00 Uhr
League of LegendsSamstag16:00 Uhr
Jojos Bizarre AdventureSonntag14:00 Uhr
Ducktales/Darkwing DuckSamstag14:00 Uhr
Dragon Ball (Classic, Z, Super)Samstag14:00 Uhr
Naruto/BorutoSamstag17:00 Uhr
Puella Magi Madoka Magica und Magia RecordSamstag15:00 Uhr
My Hero Academia Sonntag12:00 Uhr
RE:ZeroSamstag14:00 Uhr
Seven Deadly SinsSonntag15:00 Uhr
UndertaleSonntag15:00 Uhr

Registration of a cosplay gathering

If your favorite show is not in the list yet, just suggest a new event!
Register a new cosplay gathering